5. Conclusion

5.1 Summary of findings
From the findings, it can be concluded that oranges stored in the refrigerator retains the most amount of vitamin C meaning, cooler temperatures are beneficial to vitamin C retention in oranges compared to higher temperatures.

5.2 Practical Applications
The findings and conclusion derived from the investigation can help households, fruit sellers and supermarkets know the ideal place to store their oranges so that the amount of vitamin C in the orange upon consumption is at the highest possible amount. Since vitamin C is essential for the body, the presence of more vitamin C in a orange will ensure that the quality of the orange is higher. If the oranges are stored properly, it can reap more profits for the sellers and the consumers will be able to buy oranges in bulk without having to worry about the vitamin C degradation in the orange when being stored.

5.3 Areas for further study

Since this experiment has led to the conclusion that a location with lower temperature is where most Vitamin C in oranges is retained compared to two other location, an area for further study would be to learn whether the same applies for even lower temperatures. Another thing to study further would be about the question of whether this experiment applies to all types of Vitamins or only Vitamin C.

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